Traveling and fitness can sometimes seem at odds with each other—but they don’t have to be. Here are some of my best fitness travel strategies that help keep my health and physique on track while on the road.


Treat yourself like “the Talent” when you travel. Make arrangements that are as physically unstressful as possible, like flight times that are most accommodating to your normal schedule, car drop-off and pickups, and hotels with adequate gym facilities that can provide a microwave and additional mini fridge if needed for food storage.


Wake up in the city you need to work in. Arriving the night before lets you sleep better as well as eliminates the stress of unforeseen travel delays. Additionally, it can ensure that no valuable morning cardio or workout sessions are missed.


Research local gyms before you go. Many of my hotel choices have been dictated by their proximity to the nearest gym.


Have a dining-out plan of attack. I often travel with my meals, but when I do eat out, I have two simple techniques that help me make the right food decisions: I immediately order and drink either a regular or decaf coffee or tea. Then I order a green salad appetizer. After that I can more easily make good food choices and control portions.


Consider utilizing food delivery services. They’re convenient, healthy, and, on many occasions, more cost- effective than eating out. A quick Google search will yield numerous options that can be cross-checked with your destination.