So, if The Rock seems genuinely angry in this clip, thats because he is. In the caption for the video above, he refers to some of his male co-stars as “candy asses”, among other things. Although he is clearly upset with certain members of the cast, he didn’t go on to mention any names or comment on the exact source for his rage.

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On the flip side, he does see a silver lining in his excessive amount of aggression towards some of his co-stars — he believes it’ll play great for the movie and fits his Hobbs character to a T.

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As far as the movie goes, The Rock looks fresh out of a prison cell and ready to throw some bows. Judging by the amount of down prison guards surrounding him, he clearly won the fight. His character Agent Hobbs seems to have found himself on the wrong side of the law in this film. Maybe after watching the movie, we might be able to piece together who (very stupidly) got on the bad side of The Rock.

Fast and Furious 8 is scheduled to be released in April of next year.