Throughout the years there have been many bad calls in the NFL that decided the outcome of a game, but perhaps none worse than this blunder by the zebras. With controversy already swirling this season about the poor officiating of the replacement referees, this horrendous call just added jet fuel to the fire. 

With time left for one final play, Seattle quaterback Russell Wilson launched a hail mary deep into the corner of the end zone where a handful of players from both teams converged. When the ball finally came down it clearly appeared to be in the hands of a Green Bay Packer. However, one of the officals saw it differently and said the ball was equally controlled by wide receiver Golden Tate—a Seahawk. According to the rules, when two opposing players equally control the football, the tie goes to the offensive player, which gives the ball, the touchdown, and the win to Seattle in this instance. 

The only problem was that replays clearly showed there was no equal control of the football, and that Green Bay cornerback M.D. Jennings caught it and secured it for an obvious interception. This might not be such a huge story if it were not for the fact that these replacement referees have been taking enormous heat for an inordinate amount of bad calls since the start of the season. This one however is the capper, since it obvioulsy snatched a legitimate victory from the visiting Green Bay Packers, and handed it over on a silver platter to the home team. 

Take a look at the replay and let us know what you think.