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Seth Rollins and Jon Stewart Settle Score on Monday Night Raw

The Daily Show host and WWE superstar bring their feud to the masses for the highly anticipated showdown.

WWE Raw Jon Stewart, Seth Rollins

There's no love loss between Seth Rollins and Jon Stewart. The two stars finally squared off in the ring last night on Monday Night Raw to settle an ongoing feud. It all began when Mr. Money in the Bank claimed he could make The Daily Show With Jon Stewart “watchable” by hosting the program when Stewart leaves. Since then, both men have traded verbal jabs and came face-to-face last Thursday when Rollins invaded The Daily Show With Jon Stewart during Stewart’s “Moment of Zen” and challenged him to face him once and for all at Monday Night Raw.

Last night it all came to a head as Stewart made his appearance in the ring, shortly after Rollins took a few verbal swipes at the comedian's lack of talent, even going so far as to rip his recent movie Rosewater, and his home state of New Jersey. Stewart quickly fired back with a few zingers of his own, suggesting Rollins was dressed like a SWAT team stripper with Lady Gaga's hair. However, it wasn’t until The Daily Show host made reference to a specific item, that all hell broke loose. Check out the video to see how it unfolded in the ring.

Monday Night Raw is the longest-running, weekly episodic program in U.S. primetime TV history and is the most-watched, regularly scheduled programs on cable, airing live every Monday night on USA Network. Each week, it is rated one of the most socially active shows on cable television and continues to be a “must-stop” for celebrities to reach WWE’s TV audience and its more than 460 million social media followers.

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