As we approach another exciting NFL season, there is a bounty of information that tells us how to “train like a pro!” But to really tell someone how to train like a pro you should first train with a pro, so that’s exactly what I did with NFL cornerback, Will Blackmon.

Together we hit the Sports Science Institute (SSI) training grounds where top athletes such as Troy Polamalu and George St. Pierre put their physical skills to the test on state-of-the-art training equipment.

The first exercise we used was with a machine called a Supercat, which enables you to do plyometric, ballistic movements, while controlling & verifying the force load. 

1. Chest Throws

Unlike a bench press, which stops the movement at peak contraction this move allows you to explode and reload with the same ball antics as a plyo push-up. Plus, you can add weight to increase force. 

As a defensive back, this helps Will with the bump and run by enabling him to better explode with force until his opponent is neutralized. Check out the video below.

Side Jump

2. Lateral & Vertical Plyos

Whether it’s a defensive back’s cut or any move requiring maximal force and efficacy, this exercise is ideal for enhancing those physical abilities.

As you’ll see in the video below, this move strengthens the athlete’s neuro-kinetics with a kick that words can’t quantify. 

Test clone unpublished


3. Box Jumps

The jump should be executed from the toes, incorporating all levers – achilles’ tendons, calves, etc. Your starting position should load all these elements to achieve maximal lift.

A word about the landing. There’s a huge misconception that once you execute the landing, the work is over. Far from it. If you’ve ever watched a tiger in predation, the landing is transference of the equal amount of energy used to execute the jump. Legs are nothing more than shock absorbers.

4. Excelling Iso-kinetic

The more speed or force you generate, you get the same amount back with no eccentric drop.

Like a rowing machine, this movement is pushed by inertia with no eccentric drop. This means you can shock the muscles with no negative. Maximal nervous system overload= bigger pumps, and better muscle endurance.

Will came into the league running a 4.48 40yd after training & gaining.  He now runs a .4.36. Unheard of by NFL standards.

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