The Problem

Your bench press has hit a plateau. You’ve tried everything, from changing your grip to changing your program, but it’s still stuck.

The Solution

Instead of worrying about strong pecs, turn the bench press into a total-body exercise by incorporating leg drive into the lift. Watch any big bencher press a massive amount of weight, and you’ll notice he’s coiled at the bottom of the lift, exploding into his bench stroke from his toes to his traps. “Incorporating leg drive into your technique can significantly increase the amount you can lift,” says Vincent Dizenzo, one of the world’s top bench pressers.

How To Do It

Use a soft leather bench that won’t let you slide, or lay a set of elastic bands lengthwise on the bench to add more friction.

1. SET YOURSELF:  Lie down on the bench with the bar over your clavicle. Slide forward and rest your weight on your traps.

3. STAY TIGHT:  Maintain this pressure on your toes, keeping your shoulder blades squeezed together and your entire upper body tight.

2. TOE JAM:  Slide your toes into the fronts of your shoes and push as though you’re trying to slide yourself backward on the bench.

4. PUSH IT UP:  From the bottom of the lift, explosively push from your toes as though you’re squatting the weight up. Don’t move your butt.