Check out Holley Mangold, the 350-pound weightlifter who only took up the sport four years ago.

A sister of New York Jets football center Nick Mangold, Holly herself played high school football at nose guard and took up weightlifting while playing gridiron.

"I got into weightlifting when I was playing football, and one day in the weight room my coach was like, 'Well, you're pretty strong for a female,' " she tells Julie Foudy in the ESPN profile below. "I'm pretty sure he meant it as an insult. I took it as a compliment and so I decided to go into power lifting."

Mangold was not tipped to make this year's Olympic team, but she improved drastically in the last 12 months and came second in the Olympics trials to make Team USA with a 320-pound clean and jerk and a 245.5-pound snatch. Check out her interview with Julie Foudy here: