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Jared Groff

Jared Groff has been avid in the gym ever since high school. Jared was what is know as a "hard gainer" and had trouble putting on mass. During a college intramural football game he was recruited to become a walk-on for University of Arkansas Division 1 SEC football. After a year on the roster he realized his physique needed to build to match his skill set. He then became an NASM personal trainer to teach himself how to get bigger, stronger, faster. Jared next ventured into arena football and played for a season in the National Indoor Football League. After a national NFL combine in 2012 he decided to move on from football and focus his career on full time training and fell into competing in the NPC. Fast forward today he is now a top trainer in Dallas, TX, Dymatize Nutrition Sponsored Athlete, rising cover and fitness model, and an up and coming national NPC competitor. 
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