Frog Press

The frog press is a basic core- and glutes-strengthening exercise that also improves stability throughout the lower back, hips, and spine.


  1. 732_A
    Lie on your back with your knees bent to 90 degrees, turning them outwards like a frog. Make sure to keep your heels pressed together while flexing your feet towards you.
  2. Frog Press
    Tighten your stomach and crunch up, lifting your head and shoulders off the floor, holding this position. Place your arms down by your side, hovering just above the floor.
  3. 732_C
    Straighten your legs away from your body at a 45-degree angle. Return to the starting position, completing the desired amount of repetitions.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Avoid doing the exercise too quickly. Instead, press your legs in and out slowly and in a controlled fashion.