Cable Crossover

The cable crossover increases strength and size throughout the chest. Performing the move at varying angles will change how the chest develops.


  1. 6023_A
    Begin in a staggered stance with your body positioned in the middle of a dual cable machine, one weight stack on either side of you. Adjust the handles so they're slightly lower than shoulder-height. Grab the handles so your palms are facing forward and your arms are roughly parallel with the ground. Maintain a slight bend in the elbows.
  2. Cable Crossover
    Contract the pecs and push your arms together in front of you, keeping a slight forward lean from waist up. Pause, then slowly return to the starting position.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Be sure to pause at the end position and squeeze your pecs.
  • Maintain a relatively tall posture. Do not bend forward too much from your hips.
  • Return the handles slowly back to the starting position so you feel a stretch in your chest.