Glute Foam Roll

The glutes foam roll increases flexibility and mobility in the hips and glutes. The exercise also acts as a warm-up and can improve recovery from exercise.


  1. 553_A
    Sit on top of a foam roller on the floor with one leg extended in front of you, and one leg bent and braced on the floor. Place your hands on the ground behind you.
  2. Glute Foam Roll
    With your weight supported on your hands, slowly roll the foam roller backwards a few inches under the glutes of the extended leg.
  3. 553_C
    Slowly roll the foam roller forward in front of you, focusing the contact on the glutes of the extended leg, make sure to stop short of the knee.

Trainer’s Tips

  • Start with light pressure and increase throughout the set.
  • Avoid rolling too quickly. Start with a slow tempo and move across the muscle in a controlled fashion.