See the results of months of diet and exercise as participants stepped up to the challenge to win big

May 5, 2009


Muscle & Fitness would like to CONGRATULATE the following readers who won our online 2009 Winter Meltdown Challenge!!!!

1st Place – Tamara Watt (Starting Weight: 149 lbs Finishing Weight: 136 lbs) of Clearfield, Utah impressed the judges with her drastic transformation!!

2nd Place – Mike Symons (Starting Weight: 149 lbs Finishing Weight: 159 lbs) of North Bay, Ontario may have gained weight, but judging from his pictures, it was ALL muscle!!!

3rd Place – John Symons (Starting Weight: 205 lbs Finishing Weight: 178 lbs) also of North Bay, Ontario shed the most pounds by far!!

Winners and prizes were announced earlier last month!! The selection was based upon the greatest overall change AND that body fat was clearly reduced…hence, "meltdown."

We'd like to thank VPX for their generosity in supplying our winners with many of their "Meltdown" products.

All of the Before and After photos of the contestants may be found on our Message Boards under the topic: M&F Winter Meltdown Final Line Up.

We'd just like to take this time to thank all of the members who chose to participate, particularly English_Gent for organizing and moderating the contest!!

Keep up the GREAT work!!!

Helen Yeoman (M&F Board Moderator)