Khajak Keledjian, founder of NYC meditation studio Inscape, tells you the necessities to get the most out of your meditation experience.

1. Consistency

“Choose a time and a consistent space to dedicate to your practice,” says Keledjian, the co-founder of clothing giant Intermix. “Consistency is a major component when you’re creating a new habit. The more you meditate within the same, familiar space, the fewer distractions you’ll have, which makes it easier to stay focused and present.”

2. Comfortability

“To enhance your experience, a meditation cushion can help you sit comfortably,” Keledjian says. “Essential oils can help relax the body and mind. I carry a rollerball with me and rub it on my wrist from time to time to recenter quickly.”

3. Guidance

“In our new app (, we designed our content to guide the user gently. I recommend starting with breath work that’s less than five minutes to become used to centering yourself and focusing inward. When you’re new to meditation, guided experiences give you gentle reminders and help you stay present and aware.”

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