1) Jungle rot, ringworm of the foot, tineas pedis. Anything with names like these can’t be good. Unfortunately, up to 70% of the population may be afflicted by some form of these festering fungal invasions also known as athlete’s foot. Whatever you call it, dealing with the itchy, flaky, burning effects of foot fungus is no walk in the park.

2) Say the words warm and wet, and most guys will instinctively conjure up some pleasant thoughts. Yet these climate conditions also present a breeding ground for athlete’s foot. Walk barefoot through any gym locker room and there’s a good chance you’ll be leaving with more than just added muscle mass. Once those fungi latch onto your feet, they quickly set up house between your toes.

3) Some people can do naked snow-angels on a fungus-riddled steam room floor without any repercussions while others may get infected with a single step into their family bathroom. Truth is, some guys are more prone to athlete’s foot. If you’ve walked away unscathed from numerous high-risk infection sites, chances are you’re no fun to the fungi.

4) If you touch something that has fungi on it, you can spread athlete’s foot to other people even if you don’t get the infection yourself.

5) After you’ve had athlete’s foot, you’re more likely to get it again. So if you’ve yet to catch it, congratulations! And if you want to maintain your fungus-free lifestyle, be sure to keep your feet dry and clean as often as possible, and wear roomy shoes made of materials that allow moisture to escape.