We’ll admit it: Fitness enthusiasts are intrigued with how sex, or abstaining from it, can make or break their training.

Plenty of athletes—from boxer Manny Pacquiao to entire soccer teams—have claimed to swear off sex before big fights, games, or during high-intensity training phases because they fear it’ll affect their performance. (A counterpoint: Ronda Rousey claimed to have even more sex to boost her testosterone while training for fights.)

But does it make a difference?

Muscle & Fitness took a deep dive into whether having or swearing off sex truly affects athletic performance. The verdict? A resounding maybe.

Before you get yourself, ahem, engorged with pent-up sexual energy in the name of committing to a strict fitness regimen, you should know: We spoke to two doctors—Dr. Erich Anderer, chief of neurosurgery at NYU Langone Hospital – Brooklyn, and Dr. Daniel Marcovici, who specializes in sports medicine at One Medical in New York City—about the habits that are really affecting your workouts. Start by remedying these bad habits first.