If you live in Asia or are visiting Asia in mid-September, then you won’t want to miss the Asia Fitness Convention 2010 in Bangkok, Thailand on September 17-19th. Our own Dr. Jim Stoppani will be giving six talks on training and nutrition, such as:

1) Workout Nutrition 101: What to Eat Before, During and After Workouts
2) Nutrition for Strength/Power Athletes
3) Training with Chains and Rubber Resistance (Strength Bands)
4) Designing an Effective Training Split”
5) Everything You Always Wanted to Know and Maximal Strength and Hypertrophy – an open Q n A session
6) Train with M&F Raw! – where you can workout one-on-one with Jim!

Also presenting at the Asia Fitness Convention is M&F contributor, President of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, and CEO of the Center for Applied Health Sciences , Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss. Tim will be presenting the talks:

1) Nutrition and Supplement Strategies to Drop Body Fat
2) Strategies to Enhance Strength and Muscle Mass
3) Ergogenic Aids for the Brain

For more information and to register for the Asia Fitness Convention go to http://www.asia-fitness.com