When you vote, you will be entered to win $500 in free supplements from Bodybuilding.com and automatically receive a 5% discount for use in our store anytime until the end of September!

Supplement Award Winners will be announced live at the 2009 Olympia Expo.

What Are The Supplement Awards?

The Bodybuilding.com Supplement Awards are the industry standard for recognition of the best products and brands in the fitness and supplement industry. They not only help customers find the best products in their class, but also give the winning companies a way to set themselves apart from their rivals by displaying the award seal in their ads or on their site.

Bodybuilding.com also uses these awards to promote products on our own site and in our own magazine ads to further help customers make a smart choice when buying supplements.

Who Judges The Awards?

The exciting thing about these awards is that they are not only chosen based on sales (which is like a vote from a customer in itself), but also on votes from the general public & visitors to the Bodybuilding.com website.

These awards are completely unbiased and nobody can ever pay us off to get an award for their product.

It is you the general public that chooses! With Bodybuilding.com's exciting position between customers and manufacturers, we are able to provide awards that you can trust to be legit.

What Are The Awards?

The Awards Will Be For The Following Categories:

  • Brand of the Year
  • New Brand of the Year
  • Breakout Brand of the Year
  • Supplement of the Year
  • New Supplement of the Year
  • Muscle Builder of the Year
  • Protein Powder of the Year
  • Protein Bar of the Year
  • Weight Gainer of the Year
  • Glutamine Supplement of the Year
  • Creatine Supplement of the Year
  • Nitric Oxide Supplement of the Year
  • Energy Supplement of the Year
  • Fat Loss Supplement of the Year
  • Joint Health Supplement of the Year
  • Multivitamin of the Year
  • RTD of the Year
  • Energy Drink of the Year
  • Pre-Workout Supplement of the Year
  • Intra-Workout Supplement of the Year
  • Recovery Supplement of the Year
  • Tanning Product of the Year
  • Labels of the Year
  • Ad Campaign of the Year

How Will It Be Scored?

The Scoring Will Be Based On The Following:

The nominees were chosen based on the best sellers in each award category. When people purchased a product, they were voting with their wallet for that product.

The final scoring will be based 100 percent from visitor feedback.

Visitor Survey 100%

When Will The Results Be Announced?

Winners will be announced live at the Olympia Expo (Las Vegas Convention Center – South Hall), Saturday September 26th at 12:30 p.m. (Las Vegas time).