While Arnold Schwarzenegger made the transition from bodybuilding to politics, Carlos Alvarez decided to make the inverse change, at the age of 60. Gone are the days of canvassing for votes and in are the hours of leg workouts and adhering to a lean muscle diet.

Alvarez, who once served as mayor of Miami-Dade, decided to prove the doubters who said he wouldn’t pull it off, wrong. “I was challenged into it. They told me a person my age—I’m 60—couldn’t do such a thing,” he told NBC 6 South Florida.

“If you challenge me, I am going to prove you wrong,” says the former Miami Dade county police director. Just like this 86-year-old gymnast and this 93-year-old bodybuilder, Alvarez is more proof that it’s never too late to get into fitness.

More power to you, Carlos Alvarez!