feb14-cover-webI, Frankenstein star Aaron Eckhart gives us a glimpse at the grueling workout schedule he followed to get in monster shape for this movie. Eckhart, who has a wide range as an actor, shows he is equally as versatile when it comes to fitness. From Kali stick fighting and pullups and dips to sand sprints and good old-fashioned pumping iron, this guy is willing to put in whatever is necessary to get into the best shape for the part. And the results are clear to see on the big screen.

Plus: We create a monster of our own by combining the best body parts of Mr. Olympia winners to create the perfect physique, and we give you a six-week program to add two inches to your chest. Catch up on part two of our starter’s guide and get educated on all protein terminology so you are never in doubt about what you are buying.

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