Jeremy Foley and Yuri Kouznetov should have bought some lottery tickets this week because luck was most definitely on their side. The two men were competing in Colorado last Sunday in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb when they suffered this terrible crash.

Foley was driving and Kouznetsov was in the co-pilot seat when they went off the road at a turn called the "Devil's Playground." Once the car, or rather what was left of the car, stopped turning, fears were that both men would not survive to tell the tale.

However, Kouznetov's dislocated shoulder was the most serious injury sustained. The two have been making the media rounds on several talk shows this week to describe what is was like to experience such an accident.

Kouznetsov gave a quite artful explanation about what he went through when he spoke on the Today show.

“The last few moments is pretty much a lot of what you remember,’’ he explained. “Then it’s pretty much a big washing machine of pain and violence, and then just coming back to it in a daze.’’

The two also appeared on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight, where Foley told the Englishman that this was not exactly the first time he had knocked on death's door.

"Unfortunately I have been in a few accidents in my life.  I have rolled a car and I have been hit by a truck in a very similar car on the street. It was a very severe accident. Had that truck hit me a split second later I would probably not be talking to you guys today."

So, now that we have established that Foley might be some cat-like figure with multiple lives, he went on to tell Morgan what separated this mishap from others he has endured.

"This impact was different because it was repetitive, and each roll and tumble that everybody has seen was like another car wreck over and over and over again.

"Everybody talks about experiencing cars wrecks at either very fast or very slow speed, and I have to say, and I think that Yuri will agree with me, that this was a very drawn out ordeal."

Considering the ordeal, the two men were in remarkably good spirits. Maybe when Kouznetov's shoulder heals the two men can continue their sports career, preferably on the golf course or on the tennis court!