We recently asked our facebook fans to give us their top reasons for working out. Needless to say the response was overwhelming. Some were serious, some inspiring, and a few were pretty damn funny. And while we can't list them all, we decided to pick some of our favorites and share them with the rest of M&F nation.

So here are our top 20 selections. Let us know what you think and add your own top reasons for working out below. We'd love to hear them. 

20. Alfonso Vega: To be healthy and live a long time, so I can be there for my children.

19. Alex Nan: It makes me feel alive!

18. Garry Spee: It's become who I am, and it's now a part of me.

17. Martin Smith: I wanna make my ex jealous.

16. Kiax Coku: Good workout in the gym = happy life.

15. TheAthleticBuild.com: I like to challenge myself physically and mentally.

14. Karen Weinstock: It's a fun, healthy hobby that keeps this homeschool mom sane.

13. Daniel Valerio: I want to battle the Hulk someday.

12. Josh Whittington: Because I want to be able to keep up with my kids as they grow.

11. David Serrano Jr.: It's rewarding to see your body transform into something beautiful! its an art! And I am Picasso.

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10.Todd Moore: I like pain.

9. Leo W. James: I refuse to die saying "I should've gone to the gym today!"

8. Christopher Johnson: I strive for greatness and love a challenge…oh, and it keeps me sexy.

7. Chad Showers: It may save my life, or someone else's while on duty.

6. Brye Tantoco: Because health is wealth!

5. Jimmy Logan: It's a disgrace to grow old and never realize the beauty and strength of which your body is capable of. -Socrates

4. Satya Chhe: Average just doesn't sit with me very well.

3. BCC FIT: Because I'm 40 and can still hang with the 20-year-olds!

2. Santiago Larrarte: I want to look good naked.

1. Sybil Williams: Because the weights ain't gonna lift themselves.