Last week, we published the latest installment of M&F Raw! with episode #80 – Cable Crossover Ladder. Since then M&F fans have been inundating Jim Stoppani with feedback about his pec-punishing workout.

Jim also fielded some queries as to where one can find the video. To see episode #80 and all those that precede it, click here.

So, to make sure we keep the M&F community informed on how some people rate the Stoppani Cable Crossover Ladder workout, we decided to share some feedback. Check out what M&F’ers have to say, in their own words, about this chest burning workout finisher!


posted by @RealNickWeb
my favorite exercise currently is @JimStoppani’s cable cross ladder!
posted by @Nick_MMAx92
My chest is killing me thanks to @JimStoppani’s Chest Cross Over ladders!
posted by @TylerHilfiger
Amazingly sore from this cable x-over ladder. @JimStoppani!


posted by Josue Recinos
hello jim, after reading and watching your cable crossover ladder video i had to take time and personally thank you. i did it yesterday as my last chest workout and it was brutal!! but i love the pump it gave my chest. thanks again and keep up the good job! enjoy the arnolds
posted by AricandLisa Trotter Black
I finished off my chest work out today by your cable cross over technique and I completely fried my chest. So much so that I have been cramping a few hours afterwards. I can hardly wait to do it again next week!!! Its sooooo good!
posted by Shane Gerrard:
done it tonight,i think its rips you apart.
posted by Jonathan Lippmann
Did it today. It’s incredible. Thanks, Dr. Jim!

As you see, the common thread among people who did this workout is that they left the gym in pieces. However, they all left looking forward to doing it again. If you haven’t done it yet, why not give it try? A ripped chest not only feels good, but it looks good, and it is not too early to start thinking about that beach body.

Remember, keep providing us with as much feedback as possible. That way, we can post content that will be the most helpful for you to hit your fitness goals.

No more excuses!