We are excited to announce that in an effort to better serve our forum members, as well as improve usability, we will be making both technical and design updates to the forums this week. The updates will also address forum member concerns, suggestions and input regarding some of the issues brought to our attention.

We are anticipating a rather smooth transition with very little down time. However, there are a few issues that may affect some users:

  1. All the private messages and notepads will not transfer over and will be lost.
    – To save your private messages you can either copy and paste them to a word document or print them out
  2. Duplicate user accounts will be deleted so if you have a duplicate account you may have trouble logging in
  3. Users with special characters in their name – i.e. &, “, $, %, etc..may have trouble logging in.
    – If you have a special character and want to ensure that it works click here to send an email to our web administrator – be sure to include your username.

Also, please make sure your account is linked to the correct e-mail address so we can verify your identity if you have any issues

If you have any trouble with your account click here to send us an email – be sure to include your username.