Name: Joseph W. Johnson, IV
Height: 5'8"
Birth date: 
Current Residence: 
Miami, Florida
Miami, Florida
College Student, Certified Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur
Years Training: 

7 years

What do you like best about working out?
Joseph Johnson: My favorite thing about working out is to improve my body composition in addition to becoming mentally and physically strong. The reason why I work out is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to motivate others to do the same. 

What or who got you started working out?
I started working out on my own at age 12 with a desire to change my eating habits and overall lifestyle. I began working out using bowflex at home. Then at age 16, I became a member of a local gym.

Who influenced you to start working out seriously?
My role models are my parents. Prior to my dad’s death, he was engaged in basketball and working out three days at the gym. My mom loves to work out at the gym and occasionally walks, jogs and lift weights.

What's your favorite meal when you are getting lean?
My favorite meal when getting lean is baked tilapia or baked chicken with brown rice and asparagus.

What's your favorite cheat meal?
My favorite cheat meal is Doritos and M&Ms.

What are your goals in the fitness industry? If you win the M&F Model Search, what would that mean and what would you do with the title?
My goals in the fitness industry are to become an IFBB Pro Physique Competitor, Sports Dietitian, compete in the World Games in 2017, compete in Powerlifting Championships, be on the cover of fitness/fashion magazines, motivate people to become more aware of the fitness industry and what it has to offer. If I win the M&F Model Search, it would be a great joy and an accomplishment. I would use my title to continue working in the fitness industry where I can make a difference in the lives of people by educating them about the industry.