Maynard Followed the M&F Trainer Workout “Its Showtime” and the Nutritional Meal Plan on the M&F Trainer website. In just 4 weeks Maynard Transformed his body with dedication, hard work and guidance from the M&F Trainer. In his own Words Maynard describes how He did it.

Maynard Miller after finding out he won the M&F Trainer Transformation Challenge:

“THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR CHOOSING ME!! Wow I cannot believe that I actually won this contest. It really is a HUGE stepping stone for me. I'm obsessed with fitness and Muscle & Fitness has been the fuel behind that obsession. You have provided me with a ton of useful information over the past 3 years while i have been in the gym. I'm not sure if you really understand the positive effect you have on ALL your readers. For me, M&F is a cornerstone to my training.”

“My motivation for entering this contest came at the turn of the year. As 2010's clock started to click, I knew it was time to step up my training a few notches. I was on the website one night just surfing around when I saw the "Lab Rat" area, and just out of curiosity I clicked on the video link and started to watch James Grage tear up the gym with this,…"It's Showtime Workout form the M&F Trainer. I kept watching the videos and when I saw how big of a change he made in just 4 weeks time I decided that I wanted to do EXACTLY what James had just accomplished. I signed up for a Muscle & Fitness Trainer account and got right to work.

I followed the It's Showtime Diet, to a T. (I wont go into detail on my diet information. If you just look at the website you will get all the information on my diet. I followed it EXACTLY to the very last meal.) At the start of the program I had my BMI taken and my body fat percentage was 9.1%, my weight was 176.5 pounds. At the start of the program I was really surprised at how difficult it was. After completing the 4 week "It's Showtime" program I saw a very significant change in my body. My legs were a lot stronger, my shoulders and arms had more pump to them during workouts, and my abs were showing a lot more definition. The hardest part of the workout came on the last week during the shoulders and chest days. The rep and set count were very high, making it the hardest workout that I have ever put myself through up to this point in my fitness career. All in all, the entire 4 week program pushed me to a new level. After 4 weeks, my body fat percentage dropped to 6.4% and my weight dropped only one pound, leaving me at 175 pounds. I am in the best shape of my life, and I have M&F Trainer to thank for that. Thank you M&F Trainer for choosing me! I will continue to follow your advice for many more years to come.”

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