Did you spend too much time hitting the weights and forget to do your holiday shopping? Need a fast, thoughtful gift that's sure to make a fellow fitness buff happy? We've got you covered. Stay with Muscle & Fitness all month for a great gift idea every day until Christmas.

Detour Bars

A simple and utilitarian gift for a health fanatic with a tight schedule, Detour whey protein bars offer all the nutrition you need to power a workout (or just your day) in an easy, delicious package. Choose from their original recipe, which offers 30 grams of protein (you'd have to eat five eggs to get that much) at 350 calories. Or try their lower sugar alternative, which has all the protein and flavor with just 5 grams of sugar. A variety of flavors ranging from chocolate peanut to their new neapolitan means you can find something to fit every taste. 

Price: $12.51 for a 9-pack of small bars; $29.88 for a 12-pack of large bars

Available at Detourbar.com.

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