Did you spend too much time hitting the weights and forget to do your holiday shopping? Need a fast, thoughtful gift that's sure to make a fellow fitness buff happy? We've got you covered. Stay with Muscle & Fitness all month for a great gift idea every day until Christmas.

Nike + FuelBand

Keep track of your fitness goals and progress with Nike’s new fitness gadget. With its convenient form and trendy design, the FuelBand is sure to be a hit with the gym rat on your holiday shopping list. The waterproof, rubber-like band comes equipped with an LED display and doubles as a watch. You can keep track of steps taken, calories burned, and even get feedback on how well you are doing at reaching your fitness goals. In addition, you can save and track your progress by wirelessly sending data from the band to your iOS device or manually plugging it in to a USB port.

Price: $149

Available at Nike.com.

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