We feel for Steve Bond. Women wanted him so badly, they would literally tear his clothes off wherever he went, as Gladys Portugues demonstrates on our May 1986 cover.

We still can’t tell if Bond, star of General Hospital in the ’80s, enjoyed this or not. Is he leaning away because he’s uncomfortable with the situation or because he’s playing hard to get? Does his face say, “You know you wish you were me” or “Please help!”? It’s anybody’s guess, really.

What we do know is that the man born Shlomo Goldberg really did have a killer physique. Mandatory time in the Israeli army (he was born in Israel) laid a foundation, and bodybuilding training did the rest.

Weider Bench

Why wouldn’t you take this advice? Doesn’t driving your bench home look so convenient?


Musclemania featured bodybuilders performing ballet. What’s that you say? You’ve had nightmares that look like this? Well, at least the single VHS tape it came on was affordable—JUST 60 bucks!


How do you get a message across to readers that your sneakers kick ass everywhere? Naturally, you show them in the one place where you’d definitely break your neck if you wore them. It’s Advertising 101, kids: Fear sells.!