We’ve talked before about how essential sleep is to fitness and overall health – focusing on its benefits for both lifting in general and burning fat specifically. But since May is Better Sleep Month, we wanted to renew our focus on sleep with the help of the sleep experts at Casper. Along with a quality mattress, there’s a lot that goes into healthy sleep – and this time, we’re focusing on the power nap.

We all know the power of a good night’s sleep, but a nap can be the perfect boost and refresher to get through a long day or prepare for a long workout. There’s a lot that goes into the perfect nap though, so check out our guide for Napping 101, or how to recharge your body without leaving you drowsy.

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Types of Naps

The Cat Nap (20 mins) — This brief power nap works best if you need an energy and mood refresher. It’s the anti-grumpy cat nap.

The Dream Come True (45 mins) — Opt for a slightly longer nap that will get into REM sleep to aid creative thinking needed to make your dreams a reality.

The Bad Idea (60 mins) — If you need to function after your nap, keep it 45 minutes long or less. Otherwise you’ll turn yourself into a groggy zombie.


6 Tips for a Better Nap

1. Snooze in the Afternoon: Between 1 and 3 p.m., definitely not after 4.

2. Keep ’em Brief: Between 10-30 minutes is the sweet spot.

3. Create a Cave: Make it dark, distraction-free and dreamy.

4. Drink Coffee Beforehand: That’s right. The caffeine will kick in after 20-30 mins, so it’s like drinking an alarm. But not really. Still set an alarm.

5. Lie Down: It takes twice as long to fall asleep sitting up.

6. Clear the Clutter: Don’t let your mind get the best of you. Try writing up a to-do list so your brain can get in the nap zone. And remember that naps are good for you.