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Quest Nutrition hopped on the pumpkin gravy-train this year with their new, limited time Pumpkin bar. The macros are pretty good – 21 grams of protein, only 4 net carbs – and the taste is pretty awesome… a little cinamonny, not overly pumpkinny, and it has a sweet frosted layer, which is a new type of bar for them.

But here’s the best part: to release the new bar, Quest pranked a bunch of YouTubers. Even if you’re not the YouTube type, you probably know some of these people. Recent Streamy winner, FouseyTUBE, does the pranking for the interactive vid — you’ll probably recognize him as the mastermind behind those Mortal Kombat elevator pranks. 

The setup is beautifully simple: it’s the classic pie-to-the-face gag, tailored for each person. Bodybuilding YouTuber, Mike Rashid, probably got it worst. His prank involves a HUNDRED GALLON pie


Even if you don’t know any of the others, you’ll at least remember Rebecca Black of “Friday” fame. Fousey gets Rebecca with a double-shot from above, Mission Impossible-style.


The video has a cool interactive component that lets you skip between pranks so you can watch only which ones you want. Check it out below.

If you only have time for one, watch Mike Rashid’s prank. Trust us, it’s epic.