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The votes are in and Edmund Duncan is the 2014 Rock Hard Challenge Champion!

Name: Edmund Duncan II
Age: 40
Starting Weight: 215
Ending Weight: 190
Height: 5’10”
Location: Buffalo, NY

Rock Hard Challenge Winner

Check out our Q/A with this year’s champion:

Muscle & Fitness: What motivated you to take on the Rock Hard Challenge?

Edmund Duncan: I have always worked out starting in high school. I was a skinny kid and not that active in sports. I played football in high school but was only second string because of my size and lack of speed. After high school I went on to community college and really focused on working out and eating right. I gained some quality muscle, but also some fat. Over the years, I worked out on and off, got married, had two beautiful children and gained more unwanted weight. I still trained, but could never achieve that ripped athletic look. That’s what motivated me to enter the Rock Hard Challenge. To me it was a commitment to make a change and this challenge was keeping me on track.

Did you make any adjustments to our recommended plan? If so, what else did you add to your workout and nutrition program?

I pretty much stuck to the workout and nutritional program to a T. I wanted to make sure I was doing everything exactly so there was no excuse for not achieving my goals.  

Rock Hard Challenge Winner

What was the most difficult part of the challenge for you?

Nutrition was the most difficult part for me. I realized that I wasn’t eating enough. Also, getting enough protein in throughout the day was difficult. Working out is easy for me, but nutrition was what I was lacking and the reason I never achieved my goals of being ripped or shredded.

How has your exercise and diet regimen changed since you completed the challenge? Do you hope to continue your transformation?

My workouts have changed in a way that they’re more geared towards building mass now, and my diet has changed to support my mass gaining goals. So my fitness transformation is continuing and will not stop. I’m not getting any younger and I want to continue living a healthily lifestyle.

What are your overall fitness goals?

My current fitness goal is to continue gaining lean, quality muscle mass and in the beginning of August, I start another diet in preparation for an NPC-sanctioned fitness physique competition in October.

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