Martial artist, movie star, author, philosopher, visionary, and bodybuilder, Bruce Lee commanded the world’s attention—and his own inner powers—like no man before him, and none since

Here is a taste of our cover story on Bruce Lee:

Bruce Lee had heard enough. He didn’t want to fight, but he was through listening to all the threats and challenges, and the time had come to silence all of it.

Nineteen years old and living in Seattle in 1960, Lee had already developed a serious reputation within the local martial arts community—a reputation that prompted a particularly annoying request from a tough young Japanese fighter looking to goad him into a brawl. “This guy was a black belt in karate and judo,” says Jesse Glover, Lee’s first student. “He was fast, and his technique was excellent.”

He also wouldn’t let up on his harassment of Lee, sending friends to berate the young prodigy or stand in his way as he walked to class. Finally, Lee agreed to fight the guy—on a racquetball court at the local YMCA with two of the black belt’s friends as witnesses.

The Japanese fighter arrived in his all-white karate gi with his black sash tied to his waist. Lee showed up wearing street clothes. The black belt assumed a tense karate stance at the beginning of the fight. Lee stood with his hands at his sides. The black belt threw a kick. Lee parried it, and then all hell broke loose.

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