You don’t need gamma radiation to get big and strong – just a good gym and a desire to SMASH!

Here is a taste of our cover story on The Incredible Hulk Program:

Take a look around the next time you’re walking down the street. You’ll notice a lot of dissatisfied men—men who feel they have a bit too much Bruce Banner in them and not enough incredible Hulk (the size and strength of The Hulk, mind you, not all the rage and destructiveness). Afterward, take a look in the mirror.

Are you one of these men? if so, you need a training protocol that will considerably enhance your muscular size, strength, and power—if not quite to Hulk proportions, then, at the very least, surpassing Banner.

To deliver such a program, we enlisted Hollywood celebrity trainer Eric Fleishman (aka “Eric the Trainer”), owner of the fitness company ETT Corp. ( and a bona fide comic-book buff.

“I based the following workouts off of my Sleeping Giant program, which is what we use to transform the bodies of Hollywood actors,” says Fleishman, who suggests you do his Hulk program for four weeks while following a proper mass-building diet (see page 112). is there a sleeping giant within you? if so, this is the workout you’ll need to awaken your own inner Hulk.

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