Need yet another reason to look forward to beach season? It just so happens to share a name with this bikinied beauty. But that volleyball is no prop. Summer Miles has been in the game a long time. "I started in fourth grade, and I just didn't want to stop—it was addicting," says the leggy middle blocker and Hawaiian Tropic's reigning Miss Portland, Oregon. "Now I go through withdrawals if I don't play." Here's what else we love about Summer.

>> She's scrappy. "In high school I was the shank chaser. I didn't want to let balls hit the ground, so I'd go after them, even if it meant taking out chairs or running into walls."

>> She's dedicated. Summer lifts three days a week, does cardio and abs five days a week and hikes, climbs, snowboards and V-balls as alternate workouts. "I'm serious about fitness," she says. "I'm 26, and I don't want to look it."

>> She wants to rassle. "I would love to be a WWE wrestler. But I don't want to be in pillow fights. I want to be one of those girls who's in the ring doing some ass-kicking."

>> She's looking for a manly man. "I don't want some metrosexual who's going to go get a manicure when I don't even do that. And he should have thicker eyebrows than me." Mental note: Throw out those tweezers immediately. M&F


Bonus: Seven more things that make Summer great.

>> She's silly. "I love going up to people and asking, 'Do you know a good vet? Because these pythons are sick!'"

>> She cooks (healthy). "I make lasagna with whole-wheat pasta, sugar-free marinara and ground turkey. It tastes exactly the same as regular lasagna."

>> She likes getting dirty. "I enjoy hick stuff, like muddin'. You get in a jeep, a pick-up, anything with four-wheel drive, take it out in the mud and tear around."

>> She isn't gun-shy. "I'm a deadeye at 100 yards with an M-16. My dad is really good at that claw arcade game—his basement is full of stuffed animals—so he gives me the ugly ones to take out and shoot."

>> She's got standards. "He doesn't have to be buff, but I want my guy to have a lifestyle like mine. I want a guy who will work out with me, not some big drinker who eats crappy food all the time."

>> She has a nickname. "My friends call me Smiles, because of my name and my attitude."

>> She's so money, and she doesn't even know it. "In a small town, you get used to blending in. Once I came to Portland, boys were looking at me and making comments and stuff, and I was like, 'Are they looking at me?'" Um, yes.