This past November we held our first ever Twitter Contest brought to you by BPI sports. The rules were simple: Tweet out our simple message and follow us for your chance to win some fitness goodies!

Our lucky winner Paul, @PaulJamesSelby on Twitter, won this lovely lot of prizes:


» A M&F RAW! Alphadog T-Shirt signed by Jim Stoppani

» Free lifetime membership to

» BPI supplement stack with 1MR, Super Pro protein, and RoxyLean ECA.


Get to know a little bit about our winner below:

My name is Paul, and I'm a New Media Marketing Manager with a music label. I also am a part-time personal trainer, helping others achieve their fitness goals and improving on their overall health. I love hitting the gym 4-5 per week, also keep active by playing Hockey twice a week throughout the year.

In University I started messing around in the gym, getting accustomed to working out, but it wasn't until after that, around 2007 that I really started to take it more seriously. I decided to expand my knowledge by becoming a certified personal trainer, and learn as much as I could.

Muscle and Fitness has undoubtedly been my favorite resource for learning about nutrition, training and supplementation. I've followed many of their programs, with tremendous success (particularly the Rock Hard Plan… can you say SHREDDED?!?!). I stick with the tried and true supplements to help in the quest of my ideal physique. Whey and Casein protein at appropriate times, BCAA's intra work out, cycle on and off creatine, and of course, some 1 M.R. pre workout for that INTENSE boost after work before hitting the gym, especially in these dark Canadian winter months!

I look forward to the new issue each month to continue becoming better and better. When I started working out, i was a 'skinny-fat' 130 lbs, since then however I've built up to as high as 185 lbs. I am currently at a very athletic 175 lbs, and will continue working at bettering myself.

Thank you Muscle and Fitness as well as BPI Sports!