Whether you’re the type of person who cooks solely to sustain your physique or the type who loves to experiement in the kitchen, we’re willing to bet you don’t always give a ton of thought to the type of pan you’re tossing for favorite meat onto. Hell, some guys may be under the impression that all you need is a utilitarian stainless steel pot. It was the only thing I thought I needed when I first started cooking. Want eggs? No problem—hard-boiled eggs. Want pasta? No problem—pasta and sauce in one pot! But if you have to cook for someone, say a date or guests, having one pot comes across as less minimalist and more…well, sad. 

But the biggest drawback wasn’t the embarassment, it was the lack of variety when it came to the food I was able to cook. If you’ve never tried to fry an egg in a pot, dont—it’s a pit of hot oil that inevitably splashes on your hands and forearms. An easier, if more expensive, option is investing in some cookware that’ll last a lifetime so you can whip up any meal with ease.

To simplify things, we tapped Sean Kahlenberg, a lecturing instructor at the Culinary Institute of America, to walk you through some essential pans you need for searing, sautéing, and braising all your healthy meals. 

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