1. Allegra Paris

Allegra Paris is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach with a passion for helping women change both their bodies and lives. She is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine with a background in weight training, running, boxing, stretch therapy, and yoga.

Starting her personal training journey in New York City over 6 years ago, Allegra has done everything from teaching boxing classes in a studio she helped open, to studying progressive dynamic stretching at a stretch therapy facility. In 2022, Paris moved to Miami to expand her fitness business and further pursue swimsuit modeling.

Allegra is now the CEO and founder of Bikini Body, her glute and ab-focused training method that includes virtual personal training, monthly influencer workout events, the Bikini Body workout app, and the Bikini Body podcast. Her concept combines sculpting and toning exercises in an enjoyable way that guarantees results. Targeting glutes and abs, Allegra helps women tighten their overall body while building their booty! Whatever your dream bikini body, Allegra will make sure you achieve it.


2. Isaiah Washington

Isaiah Washington

Isaiah is a Former College football player whose passion for Health & Fitness begins in High school while training for football at the age of 14 in Brooklyn, NY.

Isaiah then went on to pursue a degree in health and wellness, while playing college football, where he underwent some career-ending injuries which then shifted into him falling in love with Fitness and performance. He wanted to make sure that this didn’t happen again to other Athletes & Clients. becoming a huge part of his identity.

Over the last five years, he has had the opportunity to work and train elite-level, athletes, and celebrity clients in both New York and Los Angeles at Dogpound.

Isaiah has a unique approach when it comes to fitness, especially training. He’s high energy, and fun and believes that there is no one way to do fitness. He has a motto that he preaches day in & day out to not only his clients but himself of getting 1% better each day.

From Athletic performance to weight loss, he has you covered. Dominating client experience is always a top priority.

B.S Health & Wellness




3. Kyle Hoffman

Kyle Hoffman

Hoffman is a dedicated individual who has always been driven by the pursuit of excellence. His journey started in college, where he had the opportunity to play soccer while studying health behavior science and nutrition. Those years not only shaped his athletic abilities but also instilled in him a deep understanding of the importance of physical well-being.

Right after graduating, Kyle embarked on his fitness journey at Dogpound NYC. It was an incredible experience where he honed his skills as a trainer, working closely with clients and helping them achieve their fitness goals. He spent a whole year there, learning from a dedicated team and witnessing the transformational impact of fitness on people’s lives.

However, Kyle’s thirst for growth and new challenges led him to join Alo Wellness Club NYC. Here, he has the privilege of training a diverse range of clients, including influencers, models, and celebrities. The energy and enthusiasm of the amazing team and the people he works with every day is truly inspiring. Making a difference in people’s lives through fitness has become his greatest passion. He wakes up every day eager and excited to go to work, ready to push both himself and his clients toward becoming the best versions of themselves.

Training at Alo Wellness Club has given Kyle a sense of fulfillment like no other. The opportunity to positively impact others and witness their progress is incredibly rewarding. Whether it’s helping clients achieve their weight loss goals, building strength and endurance, or simply improving their overall well-being, being a part of their journey brings them immense joy. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth, and Kyle is constantly pushing himself to evolve as a trainer. Together with his clients, he strives to create a supportive and empowering environment where everyone can thrive and exceed their own expectations.


4. Ian Selmonsky

Ian Selmonsky

Ian has long aspired to make a significant impact in the realm of health and fitness, but in a manner that yields effective outcomes. Over the years, he has been deeply involved in the wellness industry, ranging from developing supplement lines to managing gyms.

His most recent venture is a telehealth concierge company that encompasses all aspects of wellness. With extensive expertise in kinesiology, nutrition, and pharmacology, Ian has emerged as an authority in blending business with health optimization, ensuring personalized care and tangible results. The patients of Elite Living benefit from Ian’s direct involvement in refining the body holistically, a coaching approach he cultivated through competition and training with other bodybuilders, transforming numerous lives along the way. Motivated by witnessing other companies treat their patients with negligence, Ian chose to embody the change he desired.

Thus, Elite Living was born—a company specializing in functional medicine, providing comprehensive laboratory results to support hormone balance, autoimmune conditions, thyroid function, gut health, and more. Whether addressing concerns like weight loss, metabolic health, or a general loss of vitality, Ian’s unwavering mission has always been to deliver top-quality, personalized care. This includes convenient in-home blood draws, consultations with esteemed physicians at any time, and prompt medication delivery to clients’ doorsteps.


5. Andrew Shehata

Andrew Shehata

Growing up we’re always asked, “What do we want to be when we grow up.” Andrew Shehata always knew he wanted to become a Doctor to help people as best as possible. Along the way, during the journey, he went through many uphill battles to become a staple in his field. However, he persevered relentlessly in his mission of becoming the man he is today. Shehata has a love for fitness and nutrition. While dealing with the adversities of schooling for his profession, he continued to do his best to stay healthy and look the part.

Shehata recently completed his residency in Internal Medicine and will be starting his Fellowship in Gastroenterology. Shehata knew he did not want to settle and be average- he wanted to do more. Shehata wanted to combine his medical knowledge with his love for fitness and nutrition and instill it in his patients. Shehata joined forces with Elite Living and Health, for which he serves as their Medical Doctor for their preventive and functional medicine clinic. Alongside Elite Living and Health, Shehata takes each patient and evaluates them. His style is to not “treat a patient off of their blood work, but to treat the actual patient.”

Shehata takes pride in not only talking the talk but walking it, too, with his fitness journey despite his busy hospital schedule. His goal is longevity; he believes everyone deserves a quality, healthy life.


6. Austin Brown

Austin Brown

Austin Brown (@abrowntraining) Is a Personal Trainer & Coach in Los Angeles, CA.

His passion for fitness began at 13 years old when he began training in pursuit of athletic improvement. Through the gym he transformed his physique and athleticism and his love for Training had begun.

Austin began his career as a Strength & Conditioning Coach in Detroit, MI and transitioned to Personal Training upon moving to Los Angeles in 2020.

He currently runs his Personal Training business in Beverly Hills, CA, where he trains a wide variety of individuals ranging from celebrities prepping for shows & tours, to beginners looking to begin their fitness journey. He also offers Online Training options for those outside of LA.

He has a unique training style, A+ results & driven focus. Always on a mission to better individuals, and the Fitness Industry has begun to help him make his name in Los Angeles.


7. Sarah Digiovanni

Sarah Digiovanni

Sarah Digiovanni is a fitness professional and certified health coach in New York City. Originally from Long Beach, California, she has been living in New York for the past 7 years. Sarah’s journey in the fitness industry began through her passion for boxing. When she first arrived in New York, she took boxing classes and quickly developed a deep affection for the sport. Following an intensive training program, Sarah landed a job as a boxing instructor at a studio in the city.

Motivated by her growing interest in fitness, she left her marketing job to obtain her personal training certification and began working with clients at Equinox. Eager to further expand her expertise, Sarah joined Dogpound, a renowned fitness studio known for training high-profile clientele. At Dogpound, she had the opportunity to work with celebrities and prominent individuals, guiding them towards their fitness goals.

With her dedication and exceptional skills, Sarah’s reputation as a trainer grew, leading her to her most recent endeavor. She embarked on a new chapter as a trainer at the Alo Wellness Club in Flatiron, where she continues to inspire and help clients achieve their fitness aspirations.


8. Billy & Carolin De La Rosa

Billy & Carolin De La Rosa

Billy and Carolin De La Rosa are the owners of New York City’s RX30.

Meet Billy De La Rosa

Billy De La Rosa doesn’t just teach fitness; he lives it! He has combined the principles that he discovered at age 11 into a total life philosophy that influences and defines not only his career but his family life and daily activities. His strengths lie in his integrity, patience, and dedication, and in his reliance on the simple formula that worked for him. Through constant exposure to both physical and mental challenges, he helps his clients develop an unbeatable mindset; and that leads to lasting physical prowess and a balanced life.

With a 20-year record of success in the fitness industry, Billy De La Rosa’s approach has proved to be effective. He has lived it, and he is passionate about helping others achieve the same life balance and lasting results that he enjoys.

When he’s not working with clients, Billy enjoys spending time with his wife Carolin — planning date nights, accompanying his daughter to gymnastics classes, playing with his young son, and taking part in gatherings with a large, extended family.

Meet Carolin De La Rosa

Originally from Germany, Carolin De La Rosa currently works in New York as a PTA Global certified personal trainer. She is the co-owner of RX30. Prior to starting a career in physical fitness, De La Rosa trained in the mental health sector. She graduated from the Master of Education (Ed.M) and Master of Arts (M.A.) Program in Mental Health Counseling from Columbia University in New York in 2012.

After graduating with her master’s degree, De La Rosa took a turn in her career by opting for fitness in place of counseling. Once De La Rosa decided to pursue a professional career in fitness, she received her accreditation as a certified personal trainer.

Fitness at RX30

In order to achieve her goals in this industry, De La Rosa along with her husband Billy established RX30. This location was opened in 2015 with much success and popularity. In fact, to maintain the growing demand at the RX30 location at 55 Amsterdam Avenue in New York, the duo is opening two additional locations in New York and New Jersey in 2019. When attending RX30, De La Rosa provides small group training and 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts.


9. Keith Lee & Vivian Huang

Keith Lee & Vivian Huang

NYC-based Physical Therapists & founders of @recoverymodenyc are leading the way in the sports recovery & physical wellness space. The duo started the company understanding that there was a need to bridge the gap between fitness & healthcare. Recovery Mode was designed to be an innovative wellness space that provided the latest products and services that allow people to focus on their recovery & enhance overall wellness. According to the team, “Frequent exercise & training is important, but so is Recovery. Our clients are able to enhance muscle recovery, address pain, and rehabilitate injuries early on so that they don’t go down the road of requiring surgery or medication.”

Optimal recovery is based on 4 pillars: Muscle Health, Nutrition, Hydration & Sleep.

@recoverymodenyc focuses on optimizing muscle recovery through advanced manual therapy techniques such as sports massage, cupping, assisted stretching & mobility. Recovery Mode also houses the latest Recovery tech such as Cryotherapy, Cold Plunge, Infrared Sauna, Oxygen & Leg Compression Boots which promote relaxation, reduce pain & optimize sleep. Additionally, they curate a selection of supplements to boost muscle recovery, enhance hydration & reduce muscle soreness. With better access to professionals who understand recovery, gym-goers & athletes can stay healthy for longer, sustaining good physical health & longevity. 

recovery, gym-goers & athletes can stay healthy for longer, sustaining good physical health & longevity.


10. Romney Leveille

Romney Leveille

Receiving his designation from the Northeast College of Health Science, Dr. Romney Leveille is a Doctor of Chiropractic from Brooklyn NY, dedicated to distinguished service in his community. With a robust interest in evidence-based care, Leveille honed his skills through his rotations at the Northport United States Veterans Affairs Medical Center where he was responsible for assessment and diagnosis in accordance with high-level clinical reasoning through the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM&R)

His focus has evolved from not only musculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment but to the advancement of diet and exercise as a preventative form of therapy. Leveille serves as a symbol of emphasis on the importance of protein consumption and resistance training to reduce sarcopenia and optimize hypertrophy for functional health. Leveille is currently working for OXEFIT, a Fitness-Tech company out of Fusion Physical Therapy and Sports Performance Center, intending to connect artificial intelligence to the world of clinical rehabilitation. Leveille will be accepting private clients this winter and looks forward to bringing movement and health back to NYC.


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