1. Claire Northfield

Claire Northfield

Claire, aka “umitsclaire,” shines as a rising social media star renowned for her captivating content and unique persona. Holding a background of competitive gymnastics, she later focused primarily on the gym instead; of lifting and staying active.

Originally from New Jersey, she seamlessly transitioned to the heart of New York City, becoming an integral part of the Clementine Group and Moxy Management. Claire’s dynamic content reflects the vibrant energy of her NYC life, offering followers glimpses into her daily adventures. Balancing fitness, modeling, and online business management studies with creative pursuits, she’s also about to earn a private pilot license.

Claire’s modeling journey began at 16, culminating in a runway debut at New York Fashion Week 2023. Her influence extends globally, collaborating with fashion and fitness brands, while her entrepreneurial spirit led her to venture into real estate in 2022, building a growing empire.


2. Craig Levinson

Craig Levinson

Craig Levinson, the mastermind behind CL Talent, a talent agency managing celebrities, athletes, and influencers, hails from New Zealand but currently resides in Los Angeles. At the age of 19, armed with youthful zeal and $2500, he embarked on a journey to the United States to pursue a collegiate basketball career.

Over the last five years, Craig has focused his efforts on guiding and elevating the career of the inspirational Zion Clark. Together, they’ve traveled the globe, spreading a message of hope and positivity. Craig’s evolution from a solo endeavor to leading CL Talent, Inc., with a dedicated team of 120 professionals, speaks volumes about his leadership, foresight, and entrepreneurial spirit. The agency’s presence on social platforms, reaching over 500 million, further underscores Craig’s impactful influence in the industry.


3. Rolles Gracie

Rolles Gracie

Rolles Gracie, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and mixed martial artist hailing from the renowned Gracie family. As a member of the fourth generation of Gracies, Rolles has continued the family legacy in martial arts. He holds a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has showcased his skills in various competitions.

Known for his versatility, Rolles Gracie has not only excelled in grappling tournaments but also transitioned to the realm of mixed martial arts (MMA). He made his professional MMA debut in 2007 and has competed in organizations such as the International Fight League (IFL), One Fighting Championship, and the UFC. His commitment to both traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and its adaptation to MMA has contributed to the ongoing influence of the Gracie family in the martial arts community. Rolles Gracie remains a notable figure, representing a lineage that has significantly shaped the landscape of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA.


4. Anthony Lenti

Anthony Lenti

Introducing Anthony Lenti, a certified specialist in strength, conditioning, and nutrition hailing from New York City. While launching his career as a paralegal, he swiftly recognized the mismatch between himself and the corporate setting, prompting him to follow his genuine passion for fitness. He became NASM certified and joined Crunch as a personal trainer, rapidly setting himself apart through his unwavering dedication and knowledge. Within a year of joining the team, Anthony ascended to the role of Assistant Fitness Manager, a testament to his remarkable work ethic.

Following his departure from Crunch, Anthony played a pivotal role in collaborating with a fellow fitness professional to establish a boutique private personal training studio in Hell’s Kitchen. This gym quickly garnered prominence within the community, catering to individuals seeking an unparalleled and personalized one-on-one training experience. As he spent more time at the gym, Anthony discovered his love for bodybuilding. In 2017, he began competing in multiple divisions, and in 2022, he placed in the Top 5 of his class at NPC Men’s Classic Physique debut.

Currently, Anthony is directing his aspirations towards a more ambitious endeavor: opening a full-scale gym in the heart of Manhattan. This initiative envisions a space characterized by a conventional bodybuilding ambiance, thoughtfully designed to extend a warm invitation to individuals of diverse backgrounds. His aspiration is akin to that of a reliable mentor, fostering a sense of familiarity. This venture, driven by a desire to share his passion for fitness and bodybuilding with a broader demographic, is fueled by the aspiration of creating a space he can genuinely call his own.


5. Rey Eloy

Rey Eloy

Rey Eloy, a certified coach, specializes in pain-free performance, rehabilitation, and prehabilitation. Beyond his gym expertise, he is committed to guiding clients in cultivating healthy habits for success in all life aspects and achieving their desired physique.

Rey’s coaching journey evolved from personal sports challenges, particularly two ACL tears during college, which led him to transform adversity into inspiration.

Now recognized as one of the top 50 coaches in NYC and currently a Tier X trainer for the world-known Equinox Gym, he continues to assist others in overcoming obstacles.


6. Jonathan Lugo

Christian Orlando

Jonathan Lugo began his journey in the fitness industry as a personal fitness trainer at the age of 20. With a focus on kinesiology, anatomy and physiology, injury prevention, and nutrition, he excelled in transforming bodies.

Relocating to Miami, Florida, Lugo collaborated with top trainers, coaches, and bodybuilders at Steel Gym, building a clientele of 20 or more clients. Returning in 2014, he established RISE PT Studio, a private training facility that positively impacted hundreds of lives mentally and physically. Transitioning to telehealth, he delved into the significance of hormones in overall health during a successful career as a health coach.

Collaborating with experts, he co-founded RISE Health and Wellness Inc., a telemedicine clinic dedicated to exceptional patient care. Their services encompass optimizing thyroid function, testosterone replacement therapy, peptide therapy, weight management, boosting energy and mood, enhancing sexual function, and promoting vitality and hair and skin restoration. Operating nationwide, they provide medication delivery and maintain a concierge
level of patient care.


7. Christian Orlando

Jonathan Lugo

Christian Orlando, on the brink of earning his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, is committed to empowering individuals to optimize their physical capabilities while minimizing obstacles like pain or stiffness. His journey began with a degree in Exercise Science during his college football career, where personal injuries ignited his passion for health and wellness. As a Certified Athletic Trainer, he served as an outreach clinician for multiple physical therapy companies, aiding numerous athletes in their recovery.

Expanding his expertise as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Christian collaborates with elite athletes and “working class” adults in various Brooklyn, NY gyms. Through his app “CorePT,” available on all platforms, he extends his reach to clients. Christian’s distinctive health and fitness approach prioritizes joint and muscle health, restoring flexibility and promoting proper mechanics, enabling clients to achieve fitness goals pain-free.

Recognizing the need to bridge the gap between healthcare and fitness, Christian advocates that no injury should hinder one’s pursuit of passion. Whether aiming for success in sports or desiring a pain-free, peak physical condition, Christian is dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey.


8. Doug Murphy

Doug Murphy

Doug Murphy’s trajectory as a personal training business owner is captivating, spanning major U.S. cities and even prepping a rock star for a European tour. Featured in Men’s Fitness, Washingtonian, ACE Certified News, and IDEA Fitness Journal, his insights have
graced newspapers, magazines, and television.

Murphy’s fitness journey started as an overweight child, transforming into a fitness enthusiast upon discovering his grandfather’s barbell set. From the era of Nautilus machines and Duran Duran, he transitioned from fitness instructor and local bodybuilding competitions to founding DSM Fitness in 1999, advocating for personalized training. Since 2003, anchored in Washington, DC, Murphy embraced the digital age with online training, offering global accessibility. With over three decades of experience, he excels in client rapport and communication, meticulously addressing needs and goals.

He takes pride in guiding clients through pain and injury, finding fulfillment in their recovery. In his late fifties, Murphy remains dedicated, particularly enjoying working with older clients, inspired by legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jack LaLanne. Committed to ongoing education, he overcame industry challenges, aspiring to impact lives through fitness well into his later years.


9. Bodied By Amy

Bodied By Amy

Amy, a dedicated certified personal trainer, employs a blend of HIIT, resistance training, and stress management techniques. With a passion for Boxing/MMA and a focus on pre and post-natal training for women, she obtained her women’s specialization certification after navigating two high-risk pregnancies.

Amy’s personal experience as a mother and her certification uniquely equip her to understand the female body through all life stages. She enjoys collaborating with clients to tailor fitness and health options to their specific needs. Known for her challenging yet rewarding methods, Amy ensures clients achieve desired results without succumbing to boredom or burnout.

With a loyal following in both London and New York, Amy is featured in various publications. Her warm, down-to-earth approach puts clients at ease, contributing to her reputation as a personable and effective trainer.


10. Kai Bryant

Kai Bryant

Kai, a former College Football and Track Athlete from Brooklyn, New York, embarked on his fitness journey at the age of 13 through football, sparking a lifelong commitment.

Discovering his passion for training during an internship with Elite Prototype Athletics, a youth athlete program in NYC, Kai expanded his expertise beyond youth athletes to individuals from diverse sporting backgrounds, including football, basketball, and track. Transitioning from a sports background to Group Fitness and Personal Training, he commenced his career as a Personal/Group Fitness Trainer at Chelsea Piers.

Kai’s influence extended to teaching classes at notable locations like the Federal Reserve and Sullivan and Cromwell. Currently serving as a Group Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer at Trooper Fitness in Midtown Manhattan, Kai, despite his compact stature, distinguishes himself with remarkable strength and athleticism, earning him the title of a fitness beast.


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