1. Energize Without the Jitters

Paraxanthine (Enfinity®) is designed to provide a smooth energy lift, comparable to caffeine but without the jittery after-effects.

2. Essential Vitamins for Vitality

With a blend of B vitamins and amino acids, Burn iQ™ is crafted to support your natural energy levels and mental focus.

3. Aid Cognitive Function and Reaction Time

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid selected for its role in supporting brain function, helping you stay alert and responsive.

4. Support Peak Performance

Burn iQ™ blends vitamins and amino acids in a formula that’s geared towards complementing your body’s own energy and cognitive functions.

5. Metabolic Support

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate helps your body in its natural fat conversion process — think of it as your metabolic cheerleader.

6. Weight Management Support

Burn iQ™ features a carefully chosen blend, including Green Coffee Bean and Coleus Extract, tailored to complement your weight management routine.


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