In the vast landscape of athletic performance, an emerging field of study captures the attention of researchers and professionals alike: the human gut microbiota. Home to a staggering array of hundreds of microbial species, our gut is not just an organ—it’s an intricate ecosystem affecting our overall health.

This complex understanding of our gut is largely due to the pioneering work of one individual, Claudio De Simone, MD. Through his probiotic formulations, athletes are reimagining their performance and recovery routines with groundbreaking benefits.

Internationally recognized for his novel research in intestinal microflora, Professor De Simone has dedicated his career to exploring the untapped potential of our gut. His monumental contribution to the field is a proprietary probiotic mixture, a product of decades of intensive research and clinical trials. This formulation serves as the scientific foundation for an emerging wellness company, LYVECAP.

Yinka Davies, MD, the founder and CEO of LYVECAP, partnered with Claudio De Simone to bring the STRONG formulation to market, a probiotic supplement positioned to redefine the health and fitness industry. LYVECAP STRONG is a first-of-its-kind probiotic system that is clinically proven to enhance performance, recovery, and overall wellness.

LYVECAP STRONG: A Clinical Advantage for Athletes and Everyday Health Enthusiasts

LYVECAP STRONG is an elite probiotic blend for athletes invented by Professor De Simone. This formulation is not only designed to counteract tissue disruptions caused by strenuous physical activity, but it also exerts a targeted influence directly on the human intestinal cells themselves.

The probiotic bacteria in the Formulation uniquely create an oxygen-sparing effect occurring in the intestines a few hours after consuming LYVECAP STRONG. The human digestive system is then able to reduce its oxygen consumption during intensive physical activity since its metabolism is switched mainly to pathways not requiring oxygen for producing energy.

The oxygen spared at the intestinal level is then more available for delivery to the muscles, and short-term essential organs such as the heart, and brain. Simultaneously, the formulation protects the intestinal cells from oxidative stress. This means muscles and other vital tissues have a greater supply of oxygen and energy, without any collateral damage to the gut function.

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It is important to note that this is a crucial point of differentiation of LYVECAP STRONG from other probiotics on the market today. This patented probiotic is the first and only probiotic that is clinically proven to increase oxygenation and decrease lactic acid build-up, which is a game-changer for athletes and weekend warriors. Reduction of lactic acid also increases cardiovascular endurance, improves energy levels, and regulates muscle metabolism.

A balanced microbiome reduces gut-related issues such as intolerances during endurance exercise, illness, fatigue, and other physical setbacks. The result is improved gut health, overall wellness, nutrient absorption, and immune system function. LYVECAP STRONG allows you to work harder, recover faster, and live well every day.

Probiotics Masterclass with Professor De Simone

When Yinka Davies, MD, was just starting her career as a gastroenterologist, she came across a patient struggling with significant clinical symptoms that were caused by a dysfunctional gut. Although the patient tried a number of other probiotics, her symptoms did not improve until Dr. Davies recommended the De Simone Formulation (Visbiome® in the USA).

Previously, the Times of London headline “Bugs Better Than Drugs” had caught the medical community’s attention, highlighting clinical evidence that the De Simone Formulation could treat inflammatory bowel diseases safely and effectively. These are conditions that have been historically very difficult to manage. “Gastroenterology,” “American Journal of Gastroenterology,” “GUT,” and other important scientific journals published articles on the De Simone Formulation, confirming that it helped inflammatory bowel disease patients with intestinal inflammation after reconstructive bowel surgery.

A camera in the patient’s intestines could show mucosal layer healing. Repair was restored by bacterial equilibrium. Dr. Davies’ career was revolutionized by this occurrence, which emphasized gut health and probiotics’ transformative effects. Professor Claudio De Simone invented the “De Simone Formulation,” and he recently created the LYVECAP Formulation.

A Deep Dive Into the LYVECAP Formulation

At the heart of LYVECAP STRONG is a carefully curated blend of 8 bacterial strains, 200 billion CFUs per gram, alongside amino acids Leucine and Taurine. This mixture of bacterial species is central to the formulation’s efficacy, driving its role in fostering a balanced intestinal environment.

However, this potent blend’s integrity is only as good as the process that protects it. Recognizing this, LYVECAP ensures a stringent cold chain process throughout production, safeguarding the viability of these bacterial species.

Prof. De Simone’s extensive understanding of the best strains to choose and how to combine them led to the creation of LYVECAP STRONG. More than 300 studies and over 100 clinical trials have focused on the De Simone Formulation, all of which have contributed to the accumulation of Prof. De Simone’s body of knowledge through time and led to the creation of LYVECAP STRONG.

The integrity of a product is defined not only by its formulation and the science backing it, but also by the quality of its production. Adherence to stringent quality standards is a fundamental principle at LYVECAP.

Every batch of LYVECAP STRONG is produced in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified facility, ensuring that the product delivered to your doorstep meets the highest quality standards. In addition, it bears both NSF-Sport and the Informed-Sport Certification, further affirming its efficacy and safety for all consumers, from fitness enthusiasts to elite athletes.

The Future of Human Performance with LYVECAP

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Yinka Davies, MD, driven by her experience as a doctor and seeing the significant benefits of the De Simone formulation, initiated a partnership to revolutionize the supplement market. Their flagship product, LYVECAP STRONG, transcends traditional offerings with its reliable, clinically-backed solution. Today, it is trusted by everyone from Olympic athletes to health enthusiasts.

This venture is more than just providing a product. Davies and De Simone aim to deliver transparency and scientific rigor in an often confusing market, making LYVECAP a beacon of trust in gut health solutions.

Advocates like Professor Claudio De Simone and Dr. Davies are pioneering our understanding of gut microbiota with science-backed solutions like LYVECAP STRONG. This product doesn’t just balance our gut—it empowers us to live well, reach peak performance, and stave off disease, truly embodying the essence of prevention over cure.

Choosing LYVECAP means choosing a scientifically proven path to enhanced wellness. Backed by decades of research and countless testimonies from health enthusiasts to elite athletes, LYVECAP continues to lead the way in revolutionizing the future of human health and performance.

The LYVECAP formulation is a groundbreaking discovery for athletes and anyone seeking to optimize their physiological performance and recovery. Starting in our gut and resonating throughout our entire being, the essence of LYVECAP is to “Live Well.”

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