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It appears gut health is finally getting the attention it deserves. People are finally catching on to the fact that the gut is connected to almost every bodily function.

Maintaining a healthy weight, hormones, the liver, brain health, immunity, sleep and mood are all impacted by the state of your gut and the billions of “bugs” that live there. 

Cleanses that claim to improve digestion are popping up everywhere these days. If you’ve tried any of them, you already know many don’t work or only work for a little while, while others work a little too well, if you know what we mean. 

But there is a gentle and effective natural cleanse we want to talk about today that consistently gets rave customer reviews. Recently, it is even reported as the “go-to” of top doctors and gastroenterologists. 

It’s called Inno Cleanse by Inno Supps

This natural gut health supplement isn’t new. It’s been around for a while and has thousands of 5-star customer reviews. What caught our attention is that Dr. Ali Kazemi, a very popular and trusted doctor specializing in gut health, is now endorsing Inno Cleanse.

Physicians don’t usually speak publicly about supplements. So, we decided to hit him up to find out what makes Inno Cleanse something he’s willing to put his name behind! 

Doctor Point Of View: Inno Supps Inno Cleanse 

Meet Dr. Ali Kazemi, The Doctor That Endorses Inno Supps Inno Cleanse 

Dr. Ali Kazemi, M.D. is a board-certified gastroenterologist specializing in gastrointestinal, pancreatic and liver diseases. He says he takes pride in performing specialized procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

Dr. Kazemi strongly believes overall health and vitality lie in the gut and creatively educates his patients and followers on his social platforms about its importance in our everyday lifestyle.

Dr. Kazemi recently joined the company of several physicians who endorse Inno Supps’ natural range of gut supplements, which he says he also enjoys as part of his daily supplement routine.

What Is Inno Supps and Inno Cleanse?

According to the company webpage and Dr. Kazemi, Inno Cleanse is a very gentle laxative that naturally flushes out backed-up waste to support…

  • Healthy Digestion 
  • Waste Elimination 
  • Reduced Bloating 
  • Hunger Regulation 
  • Overall Gut Health 

Dr. Kazemi says Inno Cleanse works naturally to flush out what could be as much as 3 to 10 pounds of toxic poop stuck in your GI tract.

“You’re giving your gut a fresh start,” says Dr. Kazemi. “Naturally detoxing and flushing out all those toxins gives the bacteria in your gut a healthy environment to thrive in.” 

Dr. Kazemi says naturally getting rid of pounds of poop that have been sitting in the intestines is vital because, more times than not, it’s creating an imbalance of gut microbiome, which can lead to GI distress like pain, bloating and constipation, and even sugar cravings that may lead to weight gain.  

Inno Supps, the company that formulates Inno Cleanse, might be well-known for their top-rated fat-burners and delicious whey protein and plant-based protein that is free of artificial sweeteners, but they are also passionate about hormone and gut health (which we learned from Dr. Kazemi are very closely connected).

Inno Supps formulated and released Inno Cleanse long before the gut health boom. Since then, they’ve even released a stack called the Complete Gut Health Stack that includes Inno Cleanse and two other supplements that promote gut health, which Dr. Kazemi also highly recommends. 

What Are The Ingredients In Inno Cleanse and Do They Have Science-Backed Claims On Safety and Effectiveness?

Inno Cleanse_2

Thanks to a unique combination of numerous scientifically-backed ingredients in specific doses, Inno Cleanse helps your body gently flush away waste stuck in your intestines.

Once this waste is gone, Dr. Kazemi says you should experience more regular bowel movements and healthier digestion for up to two weeks after taking it.

Here is a rundown of each ingredient in Inno Cleanse and what Dr. Kazimi says makes them effective.

Cascara Sagrada (Rhamnus Purshiana Bark Powder): This is a smooth and gentle laxative that works by causing gentle muscle contractions in the intestines. It can help move stool through the intestines, helps excrete excess intestinal waste and can help prevent “loose and watery” stools.

Cape Aloe (Aloe Ferox Leaf Extract): Also a mild and natural laxative, cape aloe is well known to support bulk bowel movements and colon health. Studies show its effectiveness in promoting regularity and naturally relieving constipation. It also has antioxidant benefits and is touted for its anti-inflammatory properties.

Fennel Seed (Foeniculum Vulgare Seed Powder): Using fennel helps reduce water retention by helping flush out excess fluids from your body and cleansing the urinary tract and digestive system. Fennel seed is also a rich source of fiber and can help improve vitamin and mineral absorption in the body, reduce food cravings and mildly suppress the appetite.

Bentonite (Aluminium Phyllosilicate Clay): Bentonite clay has been shown to act as a detoxifying agent. It absorbs negatively charged toxins. For a long time, bentonite was considered a treatment for diarrhea. Bentonite Clay also helps your gut absorb more nutrients by increasing the flora in your intestines.

Milk Thistle (Silybum Marianum Seed Powder): The gut and liver are very closely connected; one has the power to influence the other. This herb is widely known to support liver health by protecting it against harmful toxins. 

Inno Cleanse also contains senna leaf powder, frangula bark powder, burdock root powder, licorice root extract, slippery elm bark powder and capsicum.

Dr. Kazemi says these are natural ingredients that have clinical backing to further promote healthy digestion, waste elimination, reduced bloating, hunger regulation and improved overall gut health.

Is Inno Cleanse Really Gentle?

Inno Cleanse_5

According to Dr. Kazemi and hundreds of customer reviews, Inno Cleanse is very gentle. 

The ingredients in Inno Cleanse are natural and in dosages that should not cause discomfort, bloating, gas or an extreme “urge” to go. 

In other words, while you might want to have a bathroom nearby since you should feel it working within 24-48 hours, if you take Inno Cleanse as directed, you shouldn’t be rushing to the toilet in pain.

How Does Inno Cleanse Improve Overall Gut Health?

It’s pretty clear that Inno Cleanse makes you “go,” and we understand that regular bowel movements are important. But we wondered if Inno Cleanse could benefit pretty “regular” people.

Without hesitation, Dr. Kazemi said yes. Even if you don’t have bloating or other GI pain, the average person may unknowingly be carrying from 5 to 20 pounds of waste in their intestines. “Inno Cleanse helps your digestive system do its work faster and safer, using the best quality herbs and natural ingredients,” says Dr. Kazemi. 

Plus, most of your immune system cells and neurotransmitters are made in your gut. You can expect to feel better physically and mentally when you improve your gut health.

“You should feel sharper, less fatigued, and an overall sense of improved well-being throughout the day,” says Dr. Kazemi. 

Can Inno Cleanse Really Help You Lose Weight? 

According to customer reviews, it can. People report losing anywhere from 2 to 5 pounds after the first use and, with consistent use, upward of 15 to 20 pounds. 

Dr. Kazemi explains two reasons why….

“The links between gut health and weight loss have been closely studied. Research shows that the gut microbiome could predict how successful we are at achieving weight loss goals. There is even growing evidence that people who are overweight have a different composition of gut microbiome compared to lean individuals. Gut hormones are also critical to weight loss. If your gut microbiome isn’t healthy, these hormones could become imbalanced and lead to things such as insulin resistance.”

In short, you could notice a lower number on the scale and a tighter waistline from taking Inno Cleanse for two reasons:

1: You are ridding your colon of pounds of backed-up waste.
2: You are creating a healthier gut microbiome, which is closely connected to maintaining a healthy weight. 

Is Inno Cleanse Safe?

Inno Cleanse_3

Dr. Kazemi says that he stands by Inno Supps products because they’re natural and made with the highest quality ingredients.

How can he be so sure? Especially since supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA?

Inno Supps does a couple things most supplement companies don’t fork over the money to do to ensure safety, effectiveness and label accuracy. 

Each and every product they sell undergoes vigorous, NSF-certified third-party testing. They are also manufactured in the United States in a state-of-the-art, FDA-approved and GMP-certified (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility. 

Dr. Kazemi says another reason he feels confident recommending Inno Supps is that all of their products are free of artificial fillers, flavorings and sweeteners, which is nearly impossible to find in the supplement space. Most are sweetened with sucralose, which Dr. Kazemi says can cause harmful changes to the structure of the gut microbiome. 

Dr. Kazemi’s Final Thoughts on Inno Supps Inno Cleanse 

Dr. Kazemi says that Inno Cleanse is an obvious choice for anyone seeking to improve gut health, especially those that experience occasional constipation and irregular bowel movements.

However, he also advises to consult with your doctor before taking any supplements, herbs or over-the-counter medications to ensure they are the right fit for your health and lifestyle.

Inno Cleanse is a carefully tested formula of natural ingredients that Dr. Kazemi says he is confident will kickstart the process of revitalizing your digestive health!

“As a board-certified gastroenterologist, I can confidently say that taking the Inno Supps Complete Gut Health Stack can be an absolute game-changer for accelerating weight loss and improving digestion.”

Click here if you’re interested in trying Inno Cleanse or learning more about the Complete Gut Health Stack featuring Inno Cleanse.

This is sponsored content. M&F is not endorsing the websites or products listed in this article.