Traditional marketing is almost dead and buried. It continuously falls short, failing to engage today’s savvy consumers. Rather than sticking to tired, cookie-cutter strategies, brands and individuals have turned to authentic storytelling paired with data-driven insights. No agency does that better than TRNDY Social, an agency well known for working with some of America’s most recognizable athletes and celebrities including Donovan McNabb, Tiki Barber, Ronde Barber, Terrell Owens, Jeremy Roenick, Andre Reed, Forbes Riley & more. It is no surprise why TRNDY Social has also partnered with many of the industry’s most reputable agencies like MAXX.

In an industry dominated by agencies, TRNDY Social stands out not only for creating viral moments but also for facilitating the growth of mutually beneficial long-term relationships that outlive the ever-changing trends in the social media arena. From the beginning, the founders, Mike Visnick and Logan Simmons, knew they wanted to build a brand that stands out for more than just great content but instead forging viral partnerships.

Merging their worlds, Mike from the world of direct-to-consumer products and television then Logan from marketing and music management played a major role in that process. Theirs was a seamless fusion, generating a unique synergy that propelled TRNDY Social into its own realm. “The reason we make so much more of a difference than most agencies is because where most agencies have a specific area of expertise, say acquiring athletes, we can do much more,” Logan explains. “Our differentiating factor is we take the brand, partner them with athletes, create all the content, and then do the marketing on top of that.”

This makes TRNDY Social more than just a full-service agency but a mass-scaled television and sports endorsement agency that goes beyond traditional brand endorsement. “We take a brand, put them together with the athlete, and then place them on a 10,000 sq. ft. billboard in the middle of Times Square as well as on television while the football game is happening,” Logan explains. The innovative approach explains how the team has achieved multiple 7-figures in revenue within its infancy. However, a lot of passion and dedication goes into forging these high-value partnerships.

“We love what we do,” Mike shares. “It doesn’t feel like work.” The atmosphere within TRNDY Social is electric, a testament to the strength of their corporate culture. “We really value culture and being family-oriented here,” Mike adds. “Everyone loves what they’re doing. They love coming to work. We are a family and our clients, employees, and talent are all part of that family. Everybody knows that.” The founder is quick to note that building a strong team of over 20 members spread across multiple states didn’t happen overnight.

“One of the keys to that success is having a team that is like-minded,” Mike explains while at their headquarters in Boca Raton. “We really value culture and being family-oriented here. Each Talent Manager at TRNDY truly wants their teammates, talent, and partner brands to win.” The founders are intentional about who they bring into the fold to ensure they share the same passion and values. They’re also involved at every stage. “We’ll enter the trenches with them if needed, not just dictating from the top. Frankly, they respect us because of that,” emphasizes Mike.

The TRNDY Social team has grand ambitions for the company as it grows. “We see ourselves being involved in every sport and every single sector of television,” they share. With their intentional focus on genuine connection and creating amazing stories, there’s no doubt that TRNDY Social will continue dominating the industry for years.

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