The February 2020 issue of Muscle & Fitness has all the workout and nutrition tips you need to fill out that winter coat without adding any unwanted fat

Country superstar Tim McGraw has recently spent more time working on his six-pack abs than singing about and drinking six-packs of beer. The 52-year-old “Live Like You Were Dying” singer spoke to us about how his fitness journey started with his family worrying about his health, and the workout routine that’s turned him into a lean, mean country music machine. 

Steve Cook is working to change lives as the Blue Team’s newest trainer on the popular weight-loss program The Biggest Loser. But 10 years ago, it was this magazine that changed his. Cook recalls how an M&F male model search inspired him to work toward a Steve Reeves-esque physique, and how being on the cover helped him launch a career in fitness. 

We also feature one-armed Bellator fighter Nick Newell, The Gentleman star Christopher Evangelou, UFC legend Tito Ortiz, and Super Bowl champion Greg Jennings, who is now training to become a bodybuilder. 

In our Train section, we preach about the benefits of a cable preacher curl, compare three variations of the incline press to find out which one’s best for your goals, and break down Bruce Lee’s favorite ab move—the dragon flag. 

Find out how to drink while keeping your gains, and whether you should go for tofu or tempeh on meatless Monday in our Eat section. 

Sometimes you don’t have an hour to waste in the gym, so we provide you with ten 10-minute workouts to build strength in record time. Speaking of quick, we have a story with five soup recipes to keep you nourished without having to spend all day in the kitchen. And since Muscle & Fitness includes FLEX, you’ll also get the latest bodybuilding news, as well as even more workout and nutrition tips.

In honor of German bodybuilding giant Günter Schlierkamp turning 50 on February 2, we revisit how he managed to defeat “The King” Ronnie Coleman at the 2002 GNC Show of Strength—still considered to be the biggest bodybuilding upset of all time. 

 2019 Olympia Men’s Physique runner-up Andre Ferguson shares his simple ab routine; IFBB Pro League competitor Jeremy Potvin explains how fitness kept him grounded during his military service; the world record holder for raw bench press, Julius Maddox, breaks down his journey to 800; and Internet sensation Simeon Panda breaks down how to obtain a superhero-like look. 

Pick up the February edition for all this and more! Whatever your fitness goals are, we’ve got all the tips you need right here in Muscle & Fitness and FLEX.