The Ultimate Skin Care Guide for Men

Don't let the summer heat take its toll on your skin. Try these products to stay fresh all year long.



A day spent in the sun may feel good for the soul—but not your skin. “It’s extremely important for men to take care of their skin in the summer because the warmer weather leads to more sweating when exercising,” says dermatologist and Dove expert Terrence Keaney, M.D. “Sweat and friction can lead to irritation, especially in the skinfolds, such as the underarms.” And then there’s sunburn, chapped lips, and oily skin. So how can you combat these seasonal woes? It’s easy—just follow this guide and stock these 10 types of products.

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1. Sunscreen

“The most common mistake that men make when it comes to skincare is to not wear sunscreen,” says Dr. Keaney. “Protecting your skin from UV rays is the most important thing you can do and helps prevent wrinkles. Every day men should use a broad-spectrum sunscreen SPF 30 or greater. It should be a standard part of every guy’s daily routine.” When you’re outside, reapply every two hours (consider setting a reminder or alarm on your phone if you’re having a beach day) and wear protective clothing or stay in the shade, since long periods in the sun can be harmful even when you’re wearing sunscreen.

TRY: The 100% oil-free formula won’t pores or cause breakouts, making it a great option for outdoor activities. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Clear Skin Dry Touch Sunscreen, $19.99, Amazon.com.

2. Body wash

Clearly this shower mainstay is a must, but the key is finding the right formula. “The micromoisture technology in this new body wash helps maintain skin hydration levels, especially as the seasons change,” says Dr. Keaney. “Retaining it successfully cleanses skin, removing excess oils, sweat and dirt without stripping the essential moisture.”

TRY: Naturally absorbent, Kaolin clay is a key ingredient with major skin health perks. Dove Men+Care Oil Control Body Wash, $5.47, Amazon.com.

3. Moisturizer

Hydrating your skin daily is crucial, even in the summer. “Men produce more sweat and sebum, so finding the right moisturizer that doesn’t make you feel too greasy [or break out] is important,” says Dr. Keaney. “Retaining moisture in your skin prevents dry, irritable skin.”

TRY: Perfect for summer, this water-based moisturizer isn’t too heavy but will keep your skin from drying out, plus it has SPF for protection. COOLA Face SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen Cucumber Matte Finish, $36, Amazon.com.

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