Well, we’re going to tell you how to join the REDCON1 team and work with both our company and our elite athletes like Robert Oberst, Martyn Ford, Cedric McMillan, Adam Scherr, Jesse Bown, Sage Northcut and over 40 more.

The number 1 question we get asked is, “How do I become sponsored by REDCON1?” The number 2 question we get is, “How do I get a job at REDCON1?”

Redcon1 social media ambassadors
Courtesy of REDCON1

The answer to both is simple, and one in the same. If your values align with our company values and you’re ready to represent REDCON1 and make money, we invite you to become a Tier Operator … today.

  • Innovation
  • Constant Improvement
  • Dedication To Our Craft
  • Highest Efficacy
  • Inspiration
  • Highly Confident
  • Relentless
  • Extremely Competitive
  • Authentic
  • Uncompromising

Who is REDCON1?

REDCON1 is a mission-based company founded on a simple principle – create the highest quality supplements for people who trained, for people that need to be at their best.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen REDCON1 explode onto the scene and quickly become the leading authority in Sports Supplements and Nutrition. REDCON1’s rapid success has been fueled by high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and entertaining social media content. The military-themed brand has delivered on their promise of giving customers an open access view of the company by always displaying a full ingredient profile without any secrets and showcasing the company staff in behind-the-scene style videos and interviews, including the Readiness Report, a weekly live news show presented by CEO Aaron Singerman and President Eric ‘Silky Tuba’ Hart, with special guests and provocative topics. This unique view into the company has been well received by consumers who have found relief in the traditionally secretive and cliquish Sports Supplement Industry. By satisfying the curiosity of many happy customers, REDCON1 has been able to foster the growth of a friendly and welcoming fanbase.

How can I join the REDCON1 team?

Redcon tier operator
Courtesy of REDCON1

REDCON1 has created a one-of-a-kind team called the Tier Operators. The Tier Operators are a diverse community of individuals who come together to help and support each other’s goals, represent the REDCON1 brand, get free products and swag and most importantly, have the opportunity to make money.

The Tier Operator Program is all-inclusive; everyone from moms, amateur athletes, military service members to professional bodybuilders have found their sense of belonging within the REDCON1 Tier Operators. This program isn’t just for those who are at their peak fitness level, it’s for everyone. From people who are just starting out on their fitness journey, to those who have been exercising throughout their whole life – success can be found with the REDCON1 Tier Operators.

  • Athletes
  • Influencers
  • Moms
  • Military Members
  • Body Builders
  • Crossfitters
  • Personal Trainers
  • Police Officers
  • Fire Fighters

The mission of the Tier Operators is to be REDCON1’s biggest advocates and loudest voice. Tier Operators are responsible for educating people on REDCON1’s products, programs and apparel…..and there are so many rewards built in.

Tier Operators are rewarded for every customer purchase that they bring to REDCON1. However, the program is more than just an affiliate marketing method – it is a community. REDCON1 often refers to the Tier Operators as their ‘extended family’, which is why the Tier Operators have access to so much inside the brand and company.

Tier Operators have access to a private forum and Facebook group where the discussion is about much more than just sales. The team discusses marketing, workouts, meal plans, motivation, mental health, family milestones, and everything in between. REDCON1 also hosts exclusive events for Tier Operators at REDCON1 headquarters in Florida, where members come together for workouts at REDCON1 GYM, seminars, company and athlete events and more. Tier Operators are also often the first people called on to represent REDCON1 at events, expos and store demos. Plus, Tier Operators often have first access to new products and apparel launches, exclusive products only made for the Tier Operator

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The Tier Operator Program offers generous benefits to its members. From the beginning, new members have access to deep discounts, exclusive products, and valuable giveaways. The perks increase as you advance within the program. REDCON1 has structured a simple and effective way to earn free products and free apparel. Additionally, members have the ability to earn a paycheck from REDCON1. Tens of thousands of dollars in commission checks are paid out to Tier Operators every month! Tier Operators have been able to supplement their income during these financially difficult times while helping their friends, family members, and followers achieve their fitness goals. REDCON1 equips their Tier Operators with the tools they need to earn an income via affiliate marketing.

  • Free Supplements
  • Free Apparel
  • Free Accessories
  • Free Shipping
  • Exclusive Giveaways
  • Event Invitations
  • Get paid
REDCON1 tiers
Courtesy of REDCON1
Courtesy of REDCON1

There is no cost for you to join the REDCON1 family.

REDCON1 leaders

If being a part of this team interests you, then head over to www.tieroperators.com and sign up today. REDCON1 never requires you to pay to be a part of the team. Applications are reviewed daily by the dedicated staff members. Once accepted you’ll be primed to start your own passive income channel. You’ll have a Tier Operator account to monitor your progress, a custom discount code that you can share, a personalized link to the main REDCON1 site that will track site visits by potential customers, and access to the private groups, insider information about products, events and REDCON1 news. So if you want to be the next big social media influencer, find out how affiliate marketing can generate passive income, or just find a way to get some free, high quality supplements – take action now!

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