The week before new years I was able to go to Bevs Powerhouse Gym in New York and train my legs with some other IFBB pros and friends. I was able to meet with my coach during the day as well. I also worked out with my good friends IFBB pro Jillian Reville and IFBB pro Jon Delarosa in New Haven Golds gym.  After of course we stopped at McDonalds for some food; Jillian didn't indulge as she is in full swing for her prep!

During the past two weeks my training has been going well… I'm feeling strong again and know I'm building some good mass. I cut deadlifts out of my workouts because my lower back has been causing me some pain. I have found that my squats have been a much better form with laying off the lifts for the last two weeks. I finally hit my goal weight of 280 and was able to keep the weight on.
Ive been cleaning up my diet throughout the week. Even though I am in offseason I am making sure that I am making good gains with my weight. I still eat McDonalds and my almost nightly ice-cream.

Last weekend was New Years Eve I am thankful to have spent the holiday with my family and friends. This weekend I went to the movies and watched "The devil inside" to much disappointment. I love a good horror flick, get two thumbs down from this guy.
This Sunday I spent the day with my family and ate some if my moms cooking, as always delicious. My dad also made one of my favorite dishes; dominican style sweet plantain pie, just like his mom used to make for me. It was really good!