As you may have noticed, my blog presence has become a bit scarce over the last few months. This year has certainly been a unique one for me; a year of many new experiences.

As of today, May 1, I feel as though I’ve been living the life of a traveling band for the last 3 months. Since the Flex pro on February 19, I have essentially been on the road every weekend traveling from competition to competition and guest appearance to guest appearance. I have spent more time in airports then I have in gyms, or so it feels. I feel blessed to be able to see the world and meet so many great new fans, fitness enthusiasts and friends.

I was able to compete in 4 shows this spring, the most I have ever done in one year. An amazing learning experience all around. I wasn’t entirely happy with my outcomes, but I also wouldn’t trade the knowledge I gained this year for a higher placing. For me, this contest season allowed me to learn my body like never before. I have done a ton of research, had the opportunity to work with some brilliant people, and most of all, try new things for each show and learn what works for my body.

5-15-11-1.jpgAlthough I have been a pro bodybuilder for almost 3 years already, some people find it hard to believe I had only done 9 shows in my life. Each time learning something new about how my body reacts to certain foods, certain training, certain environmental stimulus. For me, training someone else is easy, it’s all right there in front of you to see and analyze. I pride myself in the knowledge I worked hard to acquire over the years. I have become known for getting my clients in the best shape and most of all, allowing them to remain healthy. Body and mind!

When it comes to myself, it can be a completely different ballgame because I see myself everyday and to make an objective assessment of how you truly look can be near impossible. Your mind is as tired and depleted as your body and asking yourself to make an accurate self assessment is sometime like looking in a fun house mirror with coke bottle glasses on. Not easy or accurate to say the least.

With this contest season, I had the opportunity for a lot of trial and error. I documented every little thing I did this year and over the last two months. Going forward I have a clear reference of what works for me, how it works, and how my body responded. As many of you know, I always pride myself in being a student of the game. I want to learn every little thing I can about how to optimize every single piece of the bodybuilding puzzle.

As it stands right now, I am home in Toronto “relaxing” for a few weeks. I am completely injury free and truthfully feeling like a million bucks! I am planning my offseason onslaught and mapping out what needs to be done to be successful next year and exactly how I plan to do it. Growing, improving balance, bringing up lagging body parts, and polishing certain aspects of my presentation.

I also take these few weeks, after dieting for so long and being on the road, to cleanse my body. I make sure my endocrine system is working like a newborn and I rest my nervous system to prepare it for the offseason ahead. There are so many aspects to our sport that go unnoticed and often neglected by people in this industry. One example that I preach about is the adrenal glands. So few people take the time to heal their adrenal glands. After a few months of dieting, training hard, training often, lacking sleep, stimulants, exposure to environmental pollutants, our adrenal glands are suppressed. Whether a pro athlete or not. If you want to feel great and get the most out of your body, you need to take the time to heal your adrenals.

I also make sure to pay attention to all my body systems. Making sure that in going forward, everything is firing on all cylinders. Why should I work against my body when I can have my body working for me to build muscle!

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Until Next Week,
Ben Pakulski