Is a Fast Metabolism a Good Thing? We're nearing the end of week eleven and things have been going great until now. I mentioned to a friend of mine that the fat was coming off fast and Hany and I were working on a solution. He said, “Oh poor you, you lose fat too fast, what a problem to have,” obviously being sarcastic. I told him it actually is a problem, believe it or not. You would think that getting shredded early is a good thing but in all honesty, when you’re going up against guys that tip the scale at 260-270lbs, losing too much weight is just as bad as not being able to lose weight. Obviously Hany being the coach he is, he already knows this so we're taking steps to slow things down. When we started the diet I was doing cardio five times a week and that has seemed to slow down now to less and less. We started with six meals a day and now have increased them to seven. I have had cheat meals almost weekly since the start of the diet. Still, with all these changes the fat still seems to keep coming off, my strength is staying relatively high and the workout pumps are good. I really can't explain it but to say, maybe staying lean all year has really made my body extremely efficient so any extra physical activity (ie.cardio) really bumps my metabolism. At the end of the day it doesn't matter if you get shredded in three weeks or if it takes you all sixteen, bottom line is the day of the show. The nice thing about being lean early is it will allow me to keep my strength up since I can eat more. More strength means a fuller looking muscle. The other positive to this whole process is I can keep working on my waist and really bringing it down for the next ten weeks. Bigger shoulders, smaller waist, bigger legs, should make for a deadly combo come February or as I have dubbed it: Fouadruary, cuz its gonna be mine!! Sacrifice Without Regret, Fouad 'Hoss' Abiad