FLEX and some top-tier IFBB Pro League athletes are Kuwait bound

May 24, 2010

By Team FLEX


This coming week FLEX will be making history as we become the first bodybuilding publication to visit Kuwait for an inside look at bodybuilding in the Middle East.

Long a hotbed for bodybuilding, Kuwait is also home to Mr. Bader Boodai, a man who ranks among the biggest bodybuilding fans in the world. His passion for the iron game is so strong that it’s inspired him to open a fourth Oxygen Gym in this tiny (6880 sq mi) Arab emirate. Each Oxygen (aka O2) is a megagym, with an overflow of every piece of equipment a bodybuilder could ever hope for, and more. Meticulously maintained, the original Oxygen claims more than 10,000 members, many of whom are competitive bodybuilders themselves.

Since 2006 Bader has been bringing IFBB pro bodybuilders like Dennis James over to Kuwait for month-long, all expenses paid stays, during which time their only requirement is to bodybuild. So dedicated is Boodai to his members that he goes through all of this effort so that they can experience something Gold’s Venice members take for granted — training side-by-side with the pros.

Accompanying FLEX Senior Writer Shawn Perine and photographer Kevin Horton on the trip will be James, along with Dennis Wolf and other top tier IFBB pros. Be sure to look for a full report on this unique opportunity to get a glimpse of bodybuilding life half a world away in an upcoming issue of FLEX magazine.