1 Since I've added muscle and gotten curvier, I've become more comfortable in my own skin.

2 My goal is to make it to the Olympia stage. Whether it takes blood or tears, I will step onto that stage one day.

3 I love leg day to the point where I might have a leg fetish. If I could work on my legs all day I’d be happy. I love sexy legs.

4 A juicy burger and sweet potato fries are the perfect cheat meal.

5 My bikini top split when I was getting ready to go onstage once. I was devastated and embarrassed, but thankfully one of the girls offered me her extra suit. I frantically got changed and walked to the lineup, praying it fit. I had no idea what it looked like, but thank God it fit.

6 My dad loved Arnold Schwarzenegger; he’d make spaghetti and we’d watch The Terminator while we ate dinner.

7 I listen to rap and hip-hop when I lift. When I’m doing cardio, I listen to Joel Osteen a lot.

8 My husband is motivational and often pushes me in the gym—sometimes a little too much! I’m like, “Babe, enough of the heavy lifting, I just need to do a little shoulder work!” He can also eat whatever he wants; he’ll order pizza…and I’ll sit there with a container of chicken, totally depressed.

9 I always thought I’d make a good court reporter because I’m fast with my fingers.

10 “The body believes what the mind achieves” is my favorite quote. When I first started competing I realized that so much of what a competitor goes through is mental.